Worship Part 1

When you think of worship, what comes to mind? Probably for a christian two things immediately are given as an answer. The first being music (and by extension the worship service) and second being the time when a bunch of people who gather in a place to hear someone speak something about some book called the Bible. Both of these views are popular, but neither takes into account the teaching of scripture. These next posts will deal with worship begining with the question” what is worship?”

In order to answer this first question, we must first deal with the above misconceptions of worship. First, worship is not limited to music, although music is an important aspect of worship. Rather, Paul indicates in his letter to the Ephesians that they are to build one another up with songs. Second, worship is not just a social gathering. Many treat the Sunday service as nothing more than a social event, even if that event is to hear a sermon.

Both of these events have a singular goal in mind: to build up the believers so that they are equipped for the work of the ministry. Worship is not an activity of a believer, rather it is their total attitude in every setting of life.