The real mark of the beast

The tradition of identifying symbols in the the book of Revelation is long and interesting with a little bit of frightening thrown in for good measure. Perhaps the most well known as well as vague is the mark of the beast. The standard questions such as “what is it?”, “what does it look like?”, “can a believer receive it?” and others are the standard inquiry.

With the advent of the 20th century, various attempts have been made to identify the “stinging scorpions” as attack helicopters or other such interpretations.

However, this one is hillarious. Read about how one person figured out the mark of the beast in 2012.

So a friend of mine called me on the phone the other day, and while we chatted, he suddenly changed topics and asked me a question.  “Haber,” he started.  “You know Hebrew, right?”

“Yeah,” I hesitated.

“Is it true that the numeric value in Hebrew of a ‘w’ is 6?” he asked.

“Aleph, bet, gimmel, dalit, heh, wow… yeah, the sixth letter is what they’d write to make a ‘w’ sound.”

He looked at me with widening eyes, “As in, double-u, double-u, double-u dot…”

My eyes widened a bit.  I know it’s ridiculous exegesis on soooo many levels, but considering the pervasiveness of the world wide web and its potential as a tool for political power and economic exploitation, it does give me a bit of pause.  After all, what does God care for our exegetical theories? (original source)

There you have it, exegetical proof that the interwebs is none else then the mark of the beast!


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