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Theologically Driven | Should Churches Abandon the King James Version? (part 2)

Dr. Combs gives an excellent summary on the issue. In part one he articulates what he believes to be the best argument for the priority of the modern text vs. the text used by the King James translators. In part two, he argues that modern translation improve upon older translation by adding clarity where the original translators did not have the body of knowledge of the Biblical languages that is available today. The discussion in the comments of part 2 in particular are helpful and certainly the KJV-only vs. modern translations issue will not be settled anytime soon.

David Crabb | Violent Men, Working Women, and Evangelical Gender Norms

Crabb presents a helpful article pointing out the deficiencies in maintaining Victorian gender roles when scripture is much more demanding. A good read.

Koinonia | On the role of the creeds

A good reminder that controversy though sometimes stressful to the church actually has a benefit in that the Church expresses doctrine most clearly when it is under attack. Makes a good case for the teaching of Church history in our churches.

Theologically Driven | “I Thank Thee That I Am Not as Other Legalists,” Or, How “Freer Than Thou” Became the New “Holier Than Thou”

Dr. Snoeberger makes an interesting observation about how those who abuse their freedom in Christ have actually become the new pharisees.

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