Jesus cries, “Believe Me”

I was just talking with a friend about the book of John. John uses the word “believe” about a hundred times. One of those times is in chapter 4 where Jesus is talking with the woman at the well. This woman who was of a people hated by the Jews, was loved by Christ. She was “angry” with the Jews for their hatred, and understandably so. She asked, rather it sounds like she demanded, that Jesus answer the question of where proper worship is to take place: in the mountain of Samaria or in Jerusalem at the temple. While Jesus’ answer is certainly important, that worship of God can only be done in the spirit and in the truth, Jesus gives a command to the woman: Believe Me! Belief is important, it is the foundation of faith. That one accepts a thing as true is important when it comes to the Gospel. What John points out to us is that the object of our belief is not just “something” about Christ, but rather it is Christ himself! As we have recorded, this woman perceived that Jesus was certainly not just another person. She even misidentified him as a prophet (witch is true in part). She believed the one who spoke with her and it changed her life. Many people came to Jesus because of her testimony, and many more believed because of what Christ said after they had gathered.

Over the past couple of days I have been meditating upon the object of true faith, the Lord Jesus. It amazes me that Christ who had no “reason” to leave his comfortable, heavenly home left it in order to take on the form of a servant (Philippians) and became obedient unto death which was stigmatized by the cross. Luke 2 comes into a different perspective when we realize that this was the second member of the trinity who allowed himself to be like one of us who, if we had our own way, would utterly and completely despise him.

I am so thankful that Christ did this for me and for all people, but especially those who trust Him.

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